1800 784 992 1800 QUIZZAME

Bundoora Hotel

49 Plenty Road Bundoora | 9468 9999


Arrival Time: 06:00 pm
Rego Time: 06:30 pm
Start Time: 07:00 pm

Regular Quiz Master: Adam Jackson
Phone Number: 0

QM Meal Deal: Unknown

Quiz Details: Venue with high expectations. Work the audience as best as possible and don't be static. All games will work here. Alot of people watch from the lower level, so putting on a good show may entice them to come along and play themselves.

1st Prize:
$70 Meal Voucher
2nd Prize:
$30 Meal Voucher
Jackpot Method:
Jackpot Cap:
Spot Prizes:
Jug Of Beer
Free Entree
Cake and Coffee

Quiz Setup Instructions / Details

Location of Quiz Bistro
Kit Travels to Laurel Hotel
Where is the Kit Kept? Managers office. The PC, Buzzers, Microphone, tub, speaker, stand, projector and screen are all kept here. When the staff open the door, remove all the equipment from the office before taking it to the quiz area.
Setup instructions As you enter through the main doors, the quiz area is immediately to the right in the raised section. Setup on the stage. Take a small table from near the stage and set it up at the right hand rear of the stage. Audio setup: Setup the speaker on the stand near the table. Run the headphone to 1/4 jack cable to the channel labelled 'COMP' on the mixer. Take the 1/4 Jack to Cannon lead, plug the jack end into the 'SPKR' output on the mixer, and the cannon end into the speaker. Plug the microphone receiver into the channel labelled 'MIC'. Video: Take the blue canvas bag that has the projector screen in it, assemble the screen, set it up high and place it against the wall at the back of the stage. Set the projector up on the projector box. Run the extension cable and power cord to the projector and plug in. Also, use the VGA cable to connect the PC to the projector.
Where to Setup
Audio Setup
Video Setup
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Date Profile Created: 26/04/2018