1800 784 992 1800 QUIZZAME

Club Kilsyth

1-15 Canterbury Rd, Bayswater North | (03) 9761 4233


Arrival Time: 06:30 pm
Rego Time: 07:00 pm
Start Time: 07:30 pm

Regular Quiz Master: Aaron Ottobre
Phone Number: 0

QM Meal Deal: None

Quiz Details: - heads & tails after the first round, for a bottle of Wine or 2000 bonus points - Bottle of wine & Beer can be used for spot prizes in the final round (FFF or Big Wheel) - Crack the safe after round 3 - Random game after round 2 (speed round, name that tune, age game etc.) - Crack the safe starts at $100, and goes up $20 each week it doesn't go off

1st Prize:
2nd Prize:
Jackpot Method:
Crack The Safe
Jackpot Cap:
Spot Prizes:
2x Bottles Of Wine
1x 6 or 4 pack of beer

Quiz Setup Instructions / Details

Location of Quiz Lounge Area
Kit Travels to Maroondah Sports Club, Corner Mount Dandenong and Dublin Roads, Ringwood East
Where is the Kit Kept? Staff will have tub ready upon arrival, the kit will be at the front reception, if not ask staff to get from back storeroom
Setup instructions - There will a a table set up left of the Big Screen T.V. - All equipment runs from there - Use VGA splitter to run 3 Screens -1st VGA Cord runs into the back of the Big Sreen T.V. -2nd VGA Cord runs into a port underneath the smaller screened T.V. -3rd VGA Cord runs into a projector that is in the alcove in the room. -All cords then run into the splitter and a 4th cord plugs into "Video In" & into the laptop - Then venue supplies you with a Microphone, but you still need to run the computer/game through the speaker
Where to Setup
Audio Setup
Video Setup
Extra Image

General Comments: -Make sure the VGA cord from the splitter to the projector is taped down. You can mainly run it along the wall, but there is a section that will need to be taped down on the floor

Date Profile Created: 09/11/2017