1800 784 992 1800 QUIZZAME

Deer Park Club

780 Ballarat Rd | 93631030


Arrival Time: 18:00 pm
Rego Time: 18:30 pm
Start Time: 19:00 pm

Regular Quiz Master: Christian Sørensen
Phone Number: 0415141127

QM Meal Deal: None

Quiz Details: Standard

1st Prize:
$70 venue card (ask reception for it)
2nd Prize:
$35 venue card (ask reception for it)
Jackpot Method:
Jackpot Cap:
Spot Prizes:
4 quizzame vouchers (jug of beer, free meal etc.)

Quiz Setup Instructions / Details

Location of Quiz Bistro left of entrance
Kit Travels Brook on Sneydes
Where is the Kit Kept? Cupboard near bistro reception
Setup instructions There is a large table with a reserved sign and a cctv of playground area. Underneath cctv is an audio-in outlet. This connects laptop to all tv's. Setup otherwise standard.
Where to Setup
Audio Setup
Video Setup

General Comments: The half of the bistro nearest the entrance is for quizzame. The far side is not.

Date Profile Created: 12/09/2017