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Sandown Park Hotel

Cnr Corrigan Rd & Princes Hwy Noble Park 3174 Victoria | 03 9546 5755


Arrival Time: 06:30 pm
Rego Time: 07:00 pm
Start Time: 07:30 pm

Regular Quiz Master: Jem Nicholas
Phone Number: 0

QM Meal Deal: Parma & Pot or soft drink

Quiz Details: N/A

1st Prize:
$50 voucher
2nd Prize:
$25 voucher
Jackpot Method:
Jackpot Cap:
Spot Prizes:
Jug of beer or soft drink
Jug of beer or soft drink
Jug of beer or soft drink
Bottle of wine (heads or tails)

Quiz Setup Instructions / Details

Location of Quiz Sports bar
Kit Travels to Caulfield RSL, 4 St. Georges Road Elsternwick
Where is the Kit Kept? Kit is stored behind the bar. Tub is kept in storeroom behind main stage/game screen
Setup instructions Computer is setup on bar closest to Corrigan Rd entry door. The first cupboard nearest this point is where the AV setup is. Open the door, take the HDMI scaler, plug the power into the powerpoint above the bench and have the scaler in the cupboard. Look for the 3 input HDMI switcher in the cupboard. There is a red/black HDMI cable, trace this to the other end, and plug into the scaler. Run the long VGA cable from the PC to the cupboard, and plug into the VGA input on the scaler. Take the 2xRCA to 2x1/4 Jack cable. Plug the 2x1/4 Jack leads into the 'SPKR' outputs on the mixer, and plug the 2xRCA cables into the scaler within the cupboard. Push the input button on the 3 Input HDMI Switcher until the 'IN 3' light is visible on the front of the unit. Check the audio panel behind the bar. Input 6 should be selected and the 'Local On/Off button' depressed. Once setup, and tested, please tape the cables down through the walk way. Next to the main screen is the venue PA. Take the microphone receiver, and plug the 1/4 Jack cable into the back of the mixing desk, making sure to plug it into the socket marked 'IN'. Just above the white slider on channel one is a white button, make sure this is depressed and the 'On' light is visible. Roll slider up to -10. On the far RHS of this mixing desk are the yellow output sliders. Align the top of these sliders with the bottom of the orange tape on the side of the desk.
Where to Setup
Audio Setup
Video Setup
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Date Profile Created: 22/11/2017