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Seaford Hotel

362 Frankston-Dandenong road, Seaford | (03) 8770 5999


Arrival Time: 06:30 pm
Rego Time: 07:00 pm
Start Time: 07:30 pm

Regular Quiz Master: Stacey Camerino
Phone Number: 0431 295 825

QM Meal Deal: TBC

Quiz Details: Lots of regulars, good prizes, part of ALH Group

1st Prize:
2nd Prize:
Jackpot Method:
Jackpot Cap:
Spot Prizes:
Jug or wine
Jug or wine
Jug or wine

Quiz Setup Instructions / Details

Location of Quiz Sports bar
Kit Travels to Sandown Park Hotel
Where is the Kit Kept? In the office near gaming
Setup instructions Pull out HDMI cord from their set top box and plug in our converter. The. Plug in vga to converter, and audio into converter. Move table onto stage. Change audio to projector down the end of the bar, left hand side when looking at bar (see image)
Where to Setup
Audio Setup
Video Setup
Extra Image

General Comments: Bar always play, can promote to bistro too

Date Profile Created: 21/11/2017