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Wharf Hotel

18/38 Siddeley st, Melbourne | (03) 9810 0097


Arrival Time: 05:30 pm
Rego Time: 06:00 pm
Start Time: 06:30 pm

Regular Quiz Master: Matthew Hadgraft
Phone Number:

QM Meal Deal: Entrees $5, Mains $10 and Steak $15

Quiz Details: This venue is part of Aus Venue Co and same owners as Crafty Squire, New Market Hotel and Buffalo Bar (Brisbane) - all QuizzaMe venues. This is a fantastic venue with great food, good drinks and lots of screens! Standard show, lots of bonus points, clapping and cheering and the bar will definitely play too!

1st Prize:
$100 voucher
2nd Prize:
$50 voucher
Jackpot Method:
Jackpot Cap:
Spot Prizes:
Jug of beer
Jug of beer
Jug of beer

Quiz Setup Instructions / Details

Location of Quiz Main bar (and everywhere!)
Kit Travels to New Market Hotel, 34 Inkerman St, St Kilda
Where is the Kit Kept? In the office
Setup instructions Venue are pretty good at helping with the setup here. They will have a tall table in position ready to setup on. The equipment may be in the office out the back, simply ask the bar staff for assistance and they will oblige. There should be a blue cable on the ground near the table, if not, it will be wrapped up and tucked away in the 'Bottle Wall' on the way to the toilets. Take this cable, and locate the black box in the tub that has 'Receiver' on it. Plug the blue cable into the box and secure the cable with some gaffer tape. Also, please make sure the power cable is plugged in. The other side of the black box has a HDMI cable input. Run from the HDMI output on the PC to this input. Audio: Setup the microphone receiver. Make sure the power cable and 1/4 Jack are plugged into the back of the unit. Plug the other end of the 1/4 Jack cable into the 'MIC' channel on the mixer. Plug the 2 x 1/4 Jack to Headphone cable into the PC and the 'COMP' channel on the mixer. Take the 2 1/4 Jack to Cannon leads. Plug the Jack ends into the mixer, and locate the wall plate with the 2 x cannon inputs, and plug the leads in. Play some music on the PC and ask the bar staff to change the audio over for you. Also ask them to change the TV's over. The quiz will run on channel 103 on all televisions around the venue.
Where to Setup
Audio Setup
Video Setup
Extra Image

General Comments: While the pictures look confusing, please follow them carefully and the set up will be fine!

Date Profile Created: 04/04/2018