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Knox club

Cnr boronia rd and stud rd knox. | 0411661363


Arrival Time: 06:30 pm
Rego Time: 07:00 pm
Start Time: 07:30 pm

Regular Quiz Master: David Lowe
Phone Number: 0411 661 363

QM Meal Deal: 1 schooner

Quiz Details: N/A

1st Prize:
2nd Prize:
Jackpot Method:
Money or the box
Jackpot Cap:
Spot Prizes:
2 bottles of wine 1 x 6 pack cider

Quiz Setup Instructions / Details

Location of Quiz Sportsbar
Kit Travels to Bayswater hotel
Where is the Kit Kept? Projector, screen, tub, speaker and mofo boxes are placed on stage.
Setup instructions Table provided lhs of screen. Small table provided for projector. Extension cord runs under stage for power. Plug in powerboard run small extension to projector.
Where to Setup
Audio Setup
Video Setup
Extra Image

General Comments: Jackpot starts at $80 and increases by $20 per week.

Date Profile Created: 10/06/2018