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Why do I need to give my mobile number
This is so we can send you location based sms's. These will include details about growing jackpots, new venues, and special offers. You will always get the option to opt out.

Why do I need to give you my email address?
This is so that we can occasionally tell you about special QuizzaMe information. This includes special events, Tournaments, special offers available at your local venue and other Q-Crew only info. We promise no spam :)

Can I choose to get all notifications
Of course, if you love QuizzaMe and want to be kept up to date on all information or all jackpots, select this option when completing your form.

How do we manage your information?
For more information about how we handle your private information check out our Privacy Policy page.

Where can I play QuizzaMe?
Check out our Where to play link for all of our QuizzaMe venues.

If you would like any additional information visit our Contact Us page to get in touch, or call us on 1800 QUIZZAME