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Hampton Park Tavern

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Come down to the Hampton Park Tavern every Tuesday for a fun trivia night with QuizzaMe – the trivia with no pens or paper. Every question is multiple choice and teams lock in their answers using wireless buzzers. The quicker the right answer is selected, the more points awarded, but be careful, points will be deducted ro incorrect answers.

QuizzaMe is a fully interactive quiz show experience with audio, video and picture questions and plenty of extra fun with the QuizzaMe buzzers including mini games and special questions. With a broad range of topics covered, there is always something suitable for all players and remember, the right answer is always on the TV screens!

There are lots of spot prizes, jugs of beer and bottles of win to win and come enjoy a $14 porterhouse steak including a drink! With the fun played in the newly renovated sports bar, come see QuizzaMe on the brand new massive TV screens.

And best thing is that QuizzaMe is always free to play! Grab your team and come experience the fun of QuizzaMe for yourself. We can also help you with your next function of fundraiser, speak to our Quiz Masters about the different package options available.


  • Win free drinks

  • Food and drink specials

  • $14 Porterhouse steak with a drink

  • Multiple Spot prizes

  • Quiz Master Dave Chick

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