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The Federal Hotel

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Join us at The Federal Hotel every Thursday night for all the fun and excitement of QuizzaMe trivia. This audio visual extravaganza keeps players on the edge of their seat and is the best trivia in Adelaide.

QuizzaMe is a game show style trivia event. Expect plenty of thought provoking questions as well as lots of laughs and family friendly entertainment.

With our QuizzaMe buzzer you hold the entire event in your hands. Our games don’t need pen or paper, just enter your answers into the buzzer but answer quickly though! The quicker you answer, the more points you get.

All the questions at our trivia events are delivered in a multimedia format. Questions are from a range of categories including science, sport, history, music, geography, politics, literature, pop culture, movies and more!

The best part is QuizzaMe trivia is free! Our trained Quiz Master will host the evening and make sure everyone is having lots of fun. And remember, with each question being multiple choice, the right answer is always on the screen!

We look forward to seeing you any Thursday night at The Federal Hotel to play the fastest growing Adelaide trivia night there is!


  • Win free drinks

  • Food and drink specials

  • Multiple Spot prizes

  • Quiz Master Mason

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