Player Code of Conduct

1. Definitions

1.1 The following terms shall have the following respective meaning for all purposes of the rules, such meaning to be equally applicable to the singular and plural forms thereof. By partaking/spectating at any QuizzaMe event, players fully accept all the terms and conditions contained in the Player Code of Conduct.

1.2 “QuizzaMe Trivia”, “Quiz Night” or “event” refers to the QuizzaMe event that these rules apply to.

1.3 “Player” and “Member” shall mean any individual person playing in any one of our quiz events who is playing by themselves, as part of a registered team, or as a spectator

1.4 “Points” shall mean the measurement by which overall standings are determined.

1.5 “Quiz Night” shall refer to any of our regular or special quiz events.

1.6 “Bonus Points” refers to additional Points awarded to players throughout the quiz event.

2. Arbitration

2.1. The QuizzaMe Quiz Master that is running a quiz event will attempt to regulate any scenario that arises, however there may occasionally be times in which a decision will require an unbiased independent third party in regard to player behaviour and resulting penalties. In these cases, The QuizzaMe Manager will be the arbitrator of these decisions and can be contacted via email on Once the QuizzaMe Manager has listened to the dispute in question and all pertaining details, a binding, non-negotiable decision will be made.

3. Ethics and Moral Code

3.1. All quiz players and bystanders must abide by the QuizzaMe rules. While all events have prizes that can be won, our main goal will always be the pursuit of social entertaining quizzes in a fun and fair environment. Players must always remember to treat each other, as well as all quiz activities and representatives, with the utmost respect.

3.2. Any major breach of the player code of conduct will result in the suspension of one or all of the players in the offending team, and the ineligibility to participate or be a spectator in any tournament or special event. Any suspended player/team must apply in writing to to have their suspension reviewed.

4. Cheating

4.1. Cheating of any form is not allowed under any circumstances. If caught cheating; the team found cheating will immediately lose all their points and any prizes awarded will be removed. Players/teams may also be placed on indefinite suspension and will be ineligible to participate or be a spectator in any tournament or special event.

4.2. Cheating includes but is not limited to using a mobile phone to look up an answer, using music identification apps such as Shazam, listening to answers from other teams, using a computer or any device that is connected to the internet, or any other activity that the Quiz Master deems as cheating/providing an unfair advantage.

4.3 At the discretion of the Quiz Master running the event, multiple buzzers may not be given to players that know each other, for example a team of 4 that wants to have more than 1 buzzer between them. If you want multiple buzzers, you may be asked to sit separately, as per 4.2. If you were playing pen and paper trivia, it would be highly unlikely to have more than one answer book per table. If you wish to play against your friends you are welcome to book your own special event and can have as many buzzers as you like email or call 1800 QUIZ SHOW (784 974)

4.4  Teams that play on high rotation at multiple venue may see some questions repeated, and therefore will be deemed to having an unfair advantage. Teams/players in this situation may be excluded from winning the major prize(s), but still able to play. This extends to people they play with/associate with

4.5  QuizzaMe reserves the right to deny any player and/or team from playing QuizzaMe at any venue, as it sees fit, in accordance with 7.1

5. Handicaps

5.1 At times, players/teams may have a handicap applied to their team’s score. This will be applied to their overall score. As of 1st July 2018 a standardised handicapping system was introduced. We simplified the handicap system to make it easier for all players to understand and to make it easier for Quiz Masters to apply.

5.2 Handicaps are applied to ensure that the same team is not always winning, and are in place to help ensure the long term success of QuizzaMe for all involved. Handicapping is applied across many different trivia products and across all QuizzaMe venues in all states, so while it may feel personal – it’s not!

5.3 Where applicable, individual players/teams may have a permanent handicap of approximately 10,000 points applied to their score every time they play, at the Quiz Masters discretion

5.4  As per 4.4 some teams may have their score split out and be ineligible to win the major prize(s) however may still be eligible to win spot prizes and still have their score displayed.

5.5  Additional Handicap FAQs

What is a handicap in QuizzaMe?
Winning teams will have points taken off their score

Why do we handicap teams?
This is used to encourage different winners and help reduce the same teams winning all the time. At QuizzaMe, we are creating a social and fun quiz where anyone can win!

How does the handicap work?
Teams will either start round 1 on a negative score, or have the points taken off their final score prior to starting the final round.

How many points will be taken off?
After 1 win: 5,000 points
2 wins in a row: 10,000 points
3 wins in a row: 15,000 points
4 wins in a row: 20,000 points

When will the handicap be applied?
The handicap will apply at the venue where the team won, the next TIME they play (NOT the next week). This is to stop teams taking time off to avoid the handicap.

Could this mean that more than 1 team has a handicap?
Absolutely, if a couple of teams have taken time off and all come back on the same night, then they all will have a handicap as applicable.

Who does the handicap apply to?
The handicap is applied to ALL members of the team, and NOT to the team name. No, by changing your team name you cannot avoid the handicap.

Splitting into different teams
As above, the handicap is applied to all members of the team. No, by splitting into more than one team you cannot avoid the handicap. For example, a team of 6 splits into 2 x teams of 3, each team will be given the handicap.

Different members of the team
No, having different players in your team does NOT mean you can avoid the handicap. If at least 1 person of the winning team is in attendance, the handicap will stand

“But we never win, why do we get the handicap?”
We have standardised the handicapping system to make it fair on all players. In fact, this will help those teams that win infrequently, more so than those teams that win frequently.

Teams that play multiple times a week
At the Quiz Master’s discretion, or as instructed by Head Office, any team that has already won during the week may have a handicap applied at other venues they play at that same week. They will then also have the standard handicap next time they play at the venue where they originally won.

As per 5.4 above, where applicable, some teams may have a permanent handicap imposed on their team that may be greater than the standard handicap
Where applicable, select venues may apply a slightly different handicap process and this includes venues that are considered by Head Office to be self-run, a franchised venue, a venue operated in an area not under the direct control of Head Office or any other specific venue. If in doubt, please speak to your Quiz Master and all decisions made by the Quiz Master or Head Office are final and no discussions will be entered into.

Isn’t the term handicap non-PC?
One of the dictionary definitions of handicap is: a disadvantage imposed on a superior competitor in sports such as golf, horse racing, and competitive sailing in order to make the chances more equal. As per the ‘People With Disability’ website the term handicap is no longer used to describe someone that is living with a disability.

6. Incentives, Coercion & Bribes

6.1. Under no circumstances can one player/team try to alter or skew point allocations or standings through incentives, coercion or bribes.

7. The Rules

7.1. Any ruling made by any Quiz Master, Supervisor or QuizzaMe representative is final and binding. All decisions will be made with the fairness of the competition in mind and impartial judgement.

8. Bonus Points

8.1 Bonus points will be awarded for a number of different activities including but not limited to singing, dancing, extra information, joke telling, impressions, treasure hunts, winning games, participation in games, answering Facebook question or any other activity decided by the Quiz Master running the event.

8.2 At all times, the choice for bonus point allocation and participation is at the discretion of the Quiz Master running the event.

9. Prizes

9.1 Prizes can be awarded for a number of different activities and at all times are at the discretion of the Quiz Master running the event.

9.2 Any prize awarded in voucher form will have an expiry date and no extensions will be given.

9.3 All prizes are subject to conditions, these are at the discretion of the venue where the prize was awarded, and/or at the discretion of the Quiz Master running the show.

9.4 Unless otherwise noted, all prizes are supplied by QuizzaMe venues and are the discretion of the venue.

9.5 Prize amount/details can be changed at any time at the discretion of the venue and/or Quiz Master running the show.

10. Unwanted Behaviour

10.1 Members, Players and spectators who continually and seemingly intentionally aggravate, annoy, intimidate or harass other players, venue staff or Quiz Masters may be asked to leave the quiz event area, forfeiting any and all prizes on the night.

10.2 Players who are repeatedly asked to improve or modify their behaviour to ensure a fun, safe and welcoming environment may be suspended from participating in any QuizzaMe event for a set amount of time.

10.3 Players who intentionally have a negative effect on the business of Full House Group including QuizzaMe and InnQUIZitive may be suspended from playing in any QuizzaMe events.

10.4 Players who run a competing business may be asked to leave the Quiz event area and could be suspended from participating in any QuizzaMe events if seen to be a conflict of interest.

10.5 Players who have been suspended and continue their negative effect on the business; continue to harass, annoy, aggravate or intimidate players, venue staff or Quiz Masters during their suspension may be permanently banned from playing QuizzaMe.

11. Quiz Masters

11.1. Quiz Masters and/or the team they are playing in are ineligible to win any prizes during a QuizzaMe event, Tournament or special event

11.2  Quiz Masters are not to help players at any time (even if not hosting) and if they do, those players may be ineligible to win prizes

11.3 At times, Quiz Masters that are unavailable for any reason will be replaced with another Quiz Master.

11.4 At all times, the decision made by the Quiz Master running a quiz event is final.

12. Covid Aware Guidelines

12.1 All Quiz Masters must undertake COVID Safe Training offered by the various Tafes or state governments

12.2 All events will be conducted in venues following the 1 person per 4 square metres guideline

12.3 All tables will operate with a maximum of 6 players per table. Groups with more than 6 players must split into teams

12.4 Tables to be located around the room with as much distance between them as the space allows

12.5 Safe hygiene practices and expectations will be on display at the Quiz Master’s table

12.6 When registering teams, the Quiz Master will ask the team captain if anyone in their team have experienced any cold like symptoms in the previous 7 days. If any player has, they will be asked to leave the venue

12.7 If any players are displaying any visible signs of illness such as coughing, sneezing or running nose, they will be asked to leave the venue. If playing in a ticketed event, no refunds will be available.

12.8 Hand sanitizer will be made available at the registration area and players asked to use it prior to joining in the QuizzaMe show and after they have exited and returned to the venue

12.9 Team captains will be asked if their players they downloaded the COVID Safe Government App, and the team captain’s details recorded on the scoresheet for contact tracing purposes

12.10 All Quiz Masters must remind players of their hygiene obligations before the event and in the breaks

12.11 Buzzers will be sanitized with an anti-bacterial solution before and after each event

12.12 Bonus point cards are not to be handed to players, record any bonus points on the scoresheet

12.13 Quiz Masters are not to share the microphone with players, if participating ask them to be loud, and the audience to be quiet

12.14 Quiz Master Reports must be done before leaving the venue, and images of the scoresheet and winning team must be uploaded.

12.15 Any player/team that is causing a disturbance may be asked to leave as per 10.1, 10.2, 10.5

12.16 The QuizzaMe Code of Conduct has been updated to reflect these measures and ensure no player has the right to discriminate against another player for their right to wear a face mask at events

13. Communication

13.1. QuizzaMe Head Office can be contacted via the following channels:

Phone: 1800 QUIZ SHOW (1800 784 974)
In writing: Attention QuizzaMe Manager
17 Atlantic Drive, Keysborough VIC 3173

This document can be updated and changed at any time without prior warning and without notice as seen fit by the Full House Group Australia and associated businesses. All efforts are made to provide a fair, fun and safe experience for all players.

Last updated: 24/07/2020