Corporate & Fundraising FAQ

Players FAQ | Corporate and Fundraising FAQ

What does QuizzaMe provide?

QuizzaMe provides everything you need for a fun and entertaining event - from Quiz Master and techy to put on the show, to all audio/visual requirements including microphone, speakers, screen, projector and, of course, those wireless buzzers of fun!
What do I need to provide?

You just need to sort out the venue (we can help you with that) and the prizes (we can help there, too!)
Any sneaky extra costs?

There may be extra charges for travel outside of normal metro areas, and if you’re located in the CBD you may be charged a flat rate for parking. This will all be outlined and explained in detail when you book, so everything will be upfront!
Can we tailor the event?

Absolutely – it’s what we do. We’ll work with you to tailor an event to suit your specific goals and expectations and we’ll design the running sheet together. Every QuizzaMe event is different, and every show is unique. After all – it’s your event!
What payments do you accept?

We accept direct transfers, cheques, cash and credit cards. There is a 2% surcharge for a credit card.
How many players can we have?

As many as you like! If you have a venue big enough and can fill it with lots of players we can supply everything else! QuizzaMe is perfect for those large-scale events as we stick to the allotted time, promote team building and interaction and will tailor the event to your needs. It can be challenging coordinating large-scale events, so let QuizzaMe take some of the stress out of it by helping you with your planning, running of the event and even event ideas and themes. It’s what we’re good at!
Can QuizzaMe help me find a decent venue?

Absolutely, we have a network of great venues that are proven good operators. We’re always happy to point you in the right direction with some quality referrals from venues we know and trust.
I can’t believe no one’s done this before!

Golly-Gee we hear this all the time! Well, now they have. QuizzaMe is the future of quiz shows and represents a revolutionary way of having fun while harnessing the latest new technologies.
Is there anyone else in Australia with this type of show?

Nope, we are the only ones with this type of system. Others have added fantastic audio/visual components to their show but we the first to deliver Australia’s first completely paper-and-pen-free interactive show (neat huh?)

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