Covid Aware Guidelines

The following guidelines are mandatory operating practices that all QuizzaMe Quiz Master’s around the country have agreed to implement. QuizzaMe events operating under these conditions will be known as “COVID Aware”, and are designed to enhance the safety of our live game show environment for players, Quiz Master’s and venue staff.

1. All Quiz Masters must undertake COVID Safe Training offered by the various Tafes or state governments

2. All events will be conducted in venues adhering to each state/territory density quotient

3. All tables will operate with a maximum of 6 players per table. Groups with more than 6 players must split into teams

4. Tables to be located around the room with as much distance between them as the space allows

5. Safe hygiene practices and expectations will be on display at the Quiz Master’s table

6. When registering teams, the Quiz Master will ask the team captain if anyone in their team have experienced any cold like symptoms in the previous 7 days. If any player has, they will be asked to leave the venue

7. If any players are displaying any visible signs of illness such as coughing, sneezing or running nose, they will be asked to leave the venue. If playing in a ticketed event, no refunds will be available.

8. Hand sanitizer will be made available at the registration area and players asked to use it prior to joining in the QuizzaMe show and after they have exited and returned to the venue

9. Team captains details recorded on the scoresheet for contact tracing purposes

10. All Quiz Masters must remind players of their hygiene obligations before the event and in the breaks

11. Buzzers will be sanitized with an anti-bacterial solution before and after each event

12. Bonus point cards are not to be handed to players, record any bonus points on the scoresheet

13. Quiz Masters are not to share the microphone with players, if participating ask them to be loud, and the audience to be quiet

14. Quiz Master Reports must be done before leaving the venue, and images of the scoresheet and winning team must be uploaded.

15. The QuizzaMe Code of Conduct has been updated to reflect these measures and ensure no player has the right to discriminate against another player for their right to wear a face mask at events

QuizzaMe are committed to the health of not only our Quiz Masters, but our players and venue staff as well.

There will be some modification to the way that we run our games during this difficult period. However, our goal is still to provide a fun, family friendly atmosphere for our players. A little bit of help and co-operation from everyone involved will see us all through this rather difficult time.

Our Quiz Masters have been issued instructions directly related to health and hygiene practices moving forward, so that we can continue providing the same game you have come to enjoy.

If you wish to know more about the disease itself so you’re informed of the symptoms please check out the Department of Health website:
Department of Health Coronavirus Alert

The QuizzaMe team thank you for your continued support.