Player FAQ

So you do not use pens or paper?

Nope! Our wireless buzzers communicate with a customised modem and purpose-built software. This means we don’t need to worry about spelling or handwriting – and we’re also environmentally friendly!
How accurate is the scoring?

Exceedingly! We get real-time results with the answer you selected and your speed – down to 100th of a second! So no need to worry about manual marking or scoring, it’s all done accurately and automatically. That means we can all concentrate on having fun.
Do I have to be a super genius to play QuizzaMe?

No way! In fact, because every question is multiple choice, the right answer is always on the big screen – that's right, you always have a one-in-five chance to get it right!
So the scoring is different at QuizzaMe?

Correctomundo. The faster you answer correctly – the more points you get. The quicker you answer incorrectly, the more points you lose … (ooooh). If you choose not to answer (and that's okay!) your score stays the same.
Can I play for free?

Absolutely, all of our regular pub venues are free to play. Come check it out, with at least five chances to win, you just may walk home with a prize.
How long is a QuizzaMe show?

Typically, about 2 hours for a pub show and up to 3 hours for a corporate event, although we can completely tailor an event to suit your needs – after all, it’s your event.
How flexible is QuizzaMe with the format?

Like a Russian gymnast, we are extremely flexible. Every event is tailored to suit your needs and requirements, and we’ll meet with you to make sure we’re ticking all the boxes. And we’ll never lock you into our format.
What categories do you cover?

We include quiz trivia questions covering science, movies, TV, entertainment, geography, sport, music, history, art, literature and more! We’ll also test your memory and listening skills, your powers of observation and maybe even throw a primary school maths’ question at you.
What question formats are there?

Each round selects random questions from our range of categories, so you never know what’s coming next. We feature normal text questions as well as audio, picture, video and special questions that use the exclusive QuizzaMe wireless buzzers of fun.
Wireless buzzers of fun, you say?

That's right, each team gets a wireless buzzer with A – E on it. Each question is multiple choice and you select your answer. It’s as easy as pushing a button, and there’s no need to worry about handwriting, spelling or writing the answer in the wrong spot.
I’ve heard it’s more like a game show than just trivia?

Ding. Correct again! We feature extras such as graphics, dynamic score board, triple point questions, sound effects and lots of button pushing! We’ve got interactive built-in QuizzaMe games and a suspenseful finale that will have you on the edge of your seat …
How big should my team be?

Great question. While you can play by yourself (insert your own joke there) teams can range in size up to 10 players. We recommend 4 – 8 players so everyone gets input, and we love seeing the buzzers being shared amongst all players.
Is QuizzaMe a brand-new concept?

No, QuizzaMe was created and developed in Italy over 10 years ago, and has now been launched to Spain, America and Australia. Believe it or not, when they first started all the buzzers had cords running back to the computer. How old school! You can be assured that all the software, games and hardware has been fully developed, debugged and extensively tested over the years. There is also a team of braniacs working constantly on updates, upgrades and fancy new bits of wow.
How many players is QuizzaMe designed for?

QuizzaMe is designed to accommodate any number of players – from 20 to 800+. Our automatic scoring and marking means you don’t need to worry collecting answer sheets and waiting around for the answers. Which means each event is unique and tailored to your needs – big or small.
What if I have bad reception in my area? Will this affect the performance of QuizzaMe?

I like the way you think. Thankfully, the answer is no. QuizzaMe uses its own customised modem that communicates with wireless buzzers to create its own QuizzaMe gaming hub.
So all the scoring and marking is done automatically?

Yup! As soon as you select your answer, your score is calculated. Once the question countdown is finished you get instant feedback on whether you got it right (and also how the other teams performed).
Do I have to wait until the end of the round to see the right answer?

Another awesome thing about QuizzaMe is that after every question you are shown the correct answer straight away! So no need to wait until after all the answer sheets are collected and marked and no risk you’ll be at the bar or bathroom when the answers are read out.
I want to play at my local pub but they don’t have QuizzaMe?

That’s outrageous! Quick, let them know all about the QuizzaMe difference and let us know via our contact form. If they go ahead, you’ll get an awesome finder’s bonus!
Should I book a table for a pub night or just rock up?

It can be challenging to get a good table at most venues, so bookings are preferred (but not essential). Please speak to the venue directly – their details are on the Where to Play page.