Australia’s Best Trivia Hosts

Pens and paper are so 2014... with QuizzaMe each team is given a wireless buzzer with A - E on it, a question is shown on the screen, and there are five possible answers. The timer starts and each team locks in their answer using their buzzer.

All the questions are randomly selected by the QuizzaMe super computer and the questions are from a huge range of categories including music, science, history, sport, literature, entertainment, art and general knowledge. There are video, picture and audio questions, and built in sound-effects and graphics. You'll get instant feedback with the right answer shown after every question and with the excitement of real time live score updates you will feel like you are in your very own game show!

Your knowledge doesn’t have to be at genius level to succeed at QuizzaMe. Being quick on the buzzer, working as a team and the boldness to win bonus for you team could quickly see you conquer the scoreboard and finish champions!

So whether you are looking to play for free at your local pub/club or you want to book QuizzaMe for your corporate or fundraising event event one thing's for sure, the humble trivia night will never be the same with QuizzaMe!