QuizzaMe Trivia Championship (QTC)

Welcome to the QTC – the QuizzaMe Trivia Championship!! This is your chance to be part of some epic nights of quizzing and winning. For some, this year has been a bit of a downer with not very much QuizzaMe fun to be had, so this is a chance for us all to come together for a great night, while giving out some great prizes and having a rocking time doing it.

There will be lots of brand new questions and content at the QTC, and we will feature some of the best Quiz Masters in the country. We encourage everyone to dress up in our ‘traffic light’ theme (red, orange or green) or a costume of a character that features these colours. OR if you prefer, just get your whole team to dress in the same colour be it blue, black or purply-pink.

Tickets are now on sale! Please click on the state you wish to purchase tickets for.

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We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events, and good luck on the buzzers!