Happy Birthday QuizzaMe!

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May 4th came and went, with many happy Star Wars fans. We even featured special Star Wars THEMED events in South Australia and Sydney, each one a rousing success! Less than a week later, QuizzaMe celebrated the 4th anniversary of its very first show in Australia!

Much has changed in that 4 years, and as the QuizzaMe team reflects on the last 4 years, we look back and realise that back then there was no QuizzaMe team! Just a solo Quiz Master, with enough moxie to take a punt on this exciting yet unknown product. In a small bar in the city, the players were packed in around multiple screens, as they got their hands on buzzers for the very first time. There was much tension, much excitement and a lot of nerves, but everything went without a hitch, and QuizzaMe was up and running. Things were different back then…there was only 12 seconds to answer, there were no video questions, no fun wheel, and none of the other games that have become QuizzaMe staples. But that didn’t stop the players quickly falling in love with QuizzaMe and becoming regulars.

In the last 4 years QuizzaMe has gone from a 1 man operation, to a joint venture with national entertainment provider Full House Group (www.fullhousegroup.com.au) and that has seen a full network of QuizzaMe established, with QuizzaMe now in 5 states, and a dedicated Quiz Team that has set up their very own ‘Quiz Den’ at head office. QuizzaMe is now the largest pub trivia provider in Melbourne, with 40 venues! And nationally, QuizzaMe is pushing 80 venues in total!

QuizzaMe is also being inundated with corporate and fundraising event enquiries, and there’s nothing more we love and that’s introducing new players to QuizzaMe. Not to mention the joy we get when we sit back and watch a room full of players singing together at the top of their lungs; priceless.

So happy birthday QuizzaMe, you’re changing lives and touching people (in the good way) and we are excited to see what the next 4 years holds.

Watch this space.

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