2019 QuizzaMe Tournament Series

General Information

What is the Tournament Final Series?
This is a chance for the best players of QuizzaMe to come together to not only find the best QuizzaMe teams in Australia, but to have a massive night of quizzing and fun!

How does it work?
Each venue will keep a scoreboard over an 8 week period. Winning teams will get the chance to represent their venue at the Finals.

Is there a cost?
No, during the 8 week period QuizzaMe will still be free to play for all players, and there is no cost to register a team for the Tournament Series.

Do you have to play every week?
Not at all! You can play as often as you like. However, you need to play in order to earn points towards the series.

Can we qualify at more than 1 venue?
No. You may still play at multiple venues, but you must decide which venue you wish to represent, and note this on your registration.

Do we need to pick a team name?
Yes, you will need to have a team name picked out and locked in. Any teams that submit an inappropriate team name will be asked to think of another team name.

Can we change our team name?
NO! You must decide on a team name and keep that name through the Finals series, NO EXCEPTIONS.

What if someone else has the same team name?
Each team will have a number after their name (eg Trivia Newton John 1 & Trivia Newton John 2) and will be numbered in the order that your team is registered.

Is there a limit to the number of players in a team?
There is a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 8 players per team. All players must play at least 2 out of the 8 weeks in that team (no ring-ins!)
EVERYONE on your table needs a ticket, whether they are playing or not. While this is a family friendly event you must buy any children attending a ticket and they are your responsibility. Any children that are being disruptive will be asked to leave the main Tournament area

Prize Breakdown

What are the prizes for the Final?
1st Place team = 30% of prize pool
2nd Place team = 12% of prize pool
3rd Place team = 9% of prize pool
4th Place team = 5% of prize pool
5th Place team = 5% of prize pool
6th Place team = 4% of prize pool
7th Place team = 4% of prize pool
8th Place team = 3% of prize pool
9th Place team = 3% of prize pool
10th Place team = 3% of prize pool
11th Place team = 2% of prize pool
12th Place team = 2% of prize pool
13th Place team = 2% of prize pool
14th Place team = 1% of prize pool
15th Place team = 1% of prize pool
16th Place team = 1% of prize pool

Best dressed team = 6% of prize pool
Best dressed individual = 3% of prize pool
Game 1 winner = 2% of prize pool
Game 2 winner = 2% of prize pool

How will the prizes be given?
All prizes will be given on the night as cash!!

Who will be judging the best dressed?
A select team of Quiz Masters will prejudge both individuals and teams down to the best 5 in each category. We will then bring the finalists on stage and each team will then vote for who they believe is the best dressed in each category.

Tournament Series Information

How long is the Tournament series?
8 weeks

When will the Tournament series start?
The Tournament will start on Monday 2nd September, and run through to Sunday 27th October

When is the Tournament Final?
The final will be held in Melbourne, Victoria on Saturday 30th November, 2019.
It will be run from 7:00pm with doors opening at 6:00pm

Where is the Tournament Final being held?
Matthew Flinders Hotel, 667 Warrigal Rd, Chadstone (Melbourne)

What is the theme of the Tournament Final?
The theme for this years Tournament Final will be announced on the QuizzaMe Australia Facebook page early August

What is the expected prize pool amount?
The prize pool is estimated at between $5000 - $10,000 (depending on final numbers)
100% of all Tournament Final entry fees will be returned to the players as prizes!

How to qualify for the Tournament Final

The top 5 teams from each Victorian venue will qualify for the Tournament Final

State Finals - non-VIC
The top teams from each venue will be invited to compete at the QuizzaMe State Final and the top team(s) will qualify for the Tournament Final

Wild Card Entry
Wild Card teams will be selected at random from all registered teams, so even if you think you wont win, you MUST still register your team for your chance to win wild card entry into the biggest QuizzaMe night of the year!

Tournament Scoring

How are tournament series points awarded?
The scoring for the tournament series will be as follows:
1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 8 Points
3rd place – 7 points
4th place – 6 points
5th place – 5 points
6th place – 4 points
7th place – 3 points
8th place - 2 points
Everyone else – 1 point

Are Tournament points transferable between teams?
No, you cannot give your points to another team

Will there be any handicapping during the 8 week Tournament qualification period?
Yes, our standardised handicapping system will remain in place for in venue Tournament series. Consistency will be key! To view, go to: Player Code Of Conduct

Will there be regular bonus points at venues during the Tournament series?
Yes, bonus points will be awarded as per normal for singing, dancing and general merriment

Structure of the Tournament Final

How much will the Tournament Final cost?
Entry will be $30 per player

How many rounds will there be?
There will be 4 rounds of fun, 12 questions per round, with a game or two

Will there be a bistro service available?
Yes, the bistro is open all day until 9pm and there will also be a buffet option available for $25 per plate. Limited bar snacks will also be available.

Is there accommodation available?
Yes, but get in quick! Contact the venue directly to book your accommodation.

Team Registration

Do we need a team captain?
Yes, you need to nominate a team captain that will be our main point of contact. This is so we can send all important information to one person that we know will pass it on to you!

What will the captain do?
They will let us know final numbers, who is attending and be able to keep you up to date with all information!

Do we need to register our team?
Yes! If you do not register your team, you will not be coming! Spaces will be limited and there will be set seating, so we need to be able to fit everyone in.

How does the team captain register?
Registrations for the 2019 Tournament Series are OPEN! REGISTER YOUR TEAM NOW!

How do we buy our tickets?
All tickets this year will be pre-sale ONLY via an online ticketing system. Winning teams will be given a pre-sale option, and then all remaining qualified teams will be able to purchase their tickets. FIRST IN BEST DRESSED!
YOU MUST GIVE US THE NAME OF EACH PLAYER IN YOUR TEAM. You can contact us if things change, but you must nominate who is coming.

Last Year's Tournament

Where to get updates?

LIKE our Facebook page to stay up to date with any exciting news about the Tournament Final. Visit Team captains, please head to QuizzaMe Facebook Page like and stay up to date.

More information or questions
If you have any other questions, you can email the QuizzaMe team at tournament@quizzame.com.au with any questions, comments or concerns

These FAQs are subject to change
While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, all information is correct at the time of publication and all information is subject to change without notice.