Dorset Gardens Hotel

Dorset Gardens | QuizzaMe Trivia Night

Head on down to Dorset Gardens Hotel every Tuesday night for all the fun on QuizzaMe trivia. Get a team together and come join us for a night of fun.

QuizzaMe is a quiz show style event which is fully interactive. You will enjoy plenty of laughs and some fantastic brain teasers as well as the fantastic facilities at Dorset Gardens.

The QuizzaMe buzzer puts the entire event in the palm of your hands. No need to worry about pens and paper. Use the buzzer to get your scores in and the rest takes care of itself. But be sure to answer quickly. Fast answers add even more points to your score.

QuizzaMe trivia is delivered in a fully interactive format. Our questions cover a full range of categories. Get together a team who know their history, music, film, literature, sports and pop culture, to name just a few.

Do your best to win some great prizes from Dorset Gardens. Why not make the most of the fantastic bistro and bar? There is also a wonderful sports bar and plenty of other entertainment options. This is one of the best bars in Melbourne and you will always feel at home.

The best part is QuizzaMe is free! Our Quiz Master will guide you through the event and make sure you and your team mates have a great evening. All questions are multiple choice so everyone will be able to have a go and you can always have a stab in the dark.

See you on Tuesday night at Dorset Gardens Hotel for all the fun of QuizzaMe trivia.


  • Win free drinks

  • Free to play

  • Multiple spot prizes

  • Quiz Master Jonathan Newton

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