McQueens Tavern

Come along to the McQueens Tavern every Wednesday for all the fun and excitement that is QuizzaMe trivia.  QuizzaMe is a fully interactive trivia event. Make the most of all the hospitality on offer at the McQueens Tavern while enjoying all the wonderful challenges of QuizzaMe.

This is a truly revolutionary trivia event. The QuizzaMe buzzer puts the entire event in the palm of your hands as there is no need to bother with pens and paper – everything is automated – you just need to enter your answer on the wireless buzzer.

Scoring is based on speed and accuracy – the faster you answer correctly the more points you get! All our questions are multiple choice which means that the right answer is always on the screens.

Let our professional Quiz Master guide you through a memorable night. QuizzaMe is a full quiz show experience so expect a full range of questions including film, history, sport and pop culture, science and lots more!

McQueens Tavern has lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs, and not just for the winning team! Get involved for your chance to share in the prizes. While you are there make sure to enjoy all the McQueens Tavern has to offer. With lots of beers on tap, an extensive bistro menu and TAB and gaming facilities, the McQueens Tavern has lots on offer.

We look forward to seeing you at McQueens Tavern for an exciting night of QuizzaMe trivia, where anyone can win!


  • Win free drinks

  • Food and drink specials

  • Multiple Spot prizes

  • Quiz Master Kieran

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