Xmas Trivia Nights

If you are planning a staff Xmas party or other fun event, then why not consider a staff trivia night. QuizzaMe is taking the trivia world by storm. Our events a faster, easier and better than any other trivia night you have every experienced.

We know staff Christmas party ideas can always be tricky to come up with. You might not want to do the same thing as past years. Then you also have to meet the expectations or tastes of many different people that may be working as part of your team. A staff trivia party can be a fun way to get your team together for food, a few drinks perhaps and the fun of trivia.

Christmas party trivia nights can be themed to your choice, including specific trivia topics or genres. They can be arranged a wide range of venues across Melbourne and other capital cities. Packages can include food or drinks, or be a stand alone event, with beverages and meals arranged separately.

Your staff can be separated into different teams to promote friendships and bonding. Single player options are also available, if you want to find out who the smartest person in the office really is.

The choice of venue will depend on how many people will be attending your event, the night you would like to host it and other factors. The best thing to do is contact us to talk about the options.  We can make organising your staff Christmas party trivia event easy, and most of all fun.

Call us for more information, and book your staff christmas trivia event today.